Private Label

Why invest in private label branding?

If your business sells on a wholesale or retail level, the largest benefits you stand to gain is long term customer loyalty and freedom from commoditization. If you are in the business of selling the same brands as your competitors you are fully aware of the pressure of competing apples to apples. This is how you break that cycle which usually leads to a race to the bottom. With your own brand, it now becomes apple to oranges. You safeguard future sales and also build strong brand recognition that over the years will become a major asset for your business. As a consumable, your customers will be coming back every few weeks, fueling even greater sale in your other departments. We can also provide marketing support that will help to get your sales moving from day one.

How does it work?
Every market is different and you need to see where do you want to position your brand. If you are already selling other incense products, this will be quite simple.

What’s your brand?
If you already have one, half the work is done. If not this is the fun creative part that you need to come up with a name and maybe a logo that speaks to your target market.

What’s the price point?
What is your ideal retail selling price for your product? compare what is out there, figure what size your product should be (stick count or weight).

How Many Fragrances?
Consider how many fragrances you would like to start out with, what names to use.

Once you have this outline, we can make your product a reality. We will provide you with fragrance samples to choose from, we can also develop signature fragrances just for you.

After you have decided on your fragrances, we will need to finalize your packaging design. You can provide us with complete designs ready to print, or we can assist you in this area as well.

After your designs are approved, we start production on both your packaging and product. We will assemble the complete product and supply it in the finish size as per your requirements. The final product will be packed in master cartons and shipped from our factory in India to your destination. We will provide you a price that will be FOB Mumbai port.

If you require assistance in importing into your country and arranging for customs clearance, we may be able to help you that regard as well.
Ultimately we want to see your brand becoming successful in your market, so you can benefits from this for many years to come. As a consumer product, once your customers love the fragrance, they will not want to be without it.

Our incense are made in a traditional methods that date back hundreds of years
When incense users experience our product, it’s like night and day. As our products are made from scratch as we blend the fragrance oils with wood powders, natural resins like frankincense, herbs, spices and combine it with honey that forms a dough like mixture. This aromatic dough is rolled onto a plain stick of bamboo and lightly covered with fragrance wood powder, that is it. We then weigh and package the product in the final printed packaging.

Compare this to “dipped” chemical incenses
Our incense ARE NOT DIPPED or SCENTED like 98% of the incenses on the market which are simply firecracker punk sticks, dipped in petroleum diluting oil that is blended with fragrance oil. Many of these so called domestic brand proudly claim to be “hand dipped” or “triple soaked” you may want to ask these folks what are they actually using as the diluting oil. It will most likely be dipropylene glycol or diethyl phthalate mixed with some fragrance oil. An easy way to test is the light the incense, if it gives off a plume of black smoke when you light it, you know you are burning a chemical oil (our incenses do not do that).

We have been in the incense business since 1978, we have house brands that been in the market since that time and have a huge following. If you want to grow your business by bringing your brand to market, contact us for a no obligation consultation. We will help you explore the possibilities of bring your products to market, as we have successfully done for many others.